• Droplet Generation

DetailedDynamic specializes in quick-turn design and prototyping of automated systems. Using classical engineering methods and detailed finite element modeling we design, integrate and validate optical, mechanical, electrical, and microfluidic systems.

We love to solve difficult problems using creativity and engineering tools. Whether it is positioning optical sensors to sub-nanometer precision, controlling micro-fluidic droplet volumes to single-digit pico-Liters or streamlining a gene-synthesis production line; out-of-the box thinking in conjunction with careful analysis quickly creates cost-effective solutions that solve the problem.

We provide complete turn-key products to meet real world user requirements and applications. Difficult engineering problems are solved using creative engineering solutions and state-of-the-art engineering tools. Our efforts include refining product requirements, determining product specifications and user features from requirements, perform detailed analysis, perform product design and synthesis, perform product’s module fabrications, product integration and product test & evaluations.

Specialties: system architecture, creativity, mechanical, electrical, software, optical, and rapid prototype development

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